KYC and compliance

Simplicity and thoroughness

Our KYC system runs validity and tempering checks on documents but also checks for counterfeiting, runs facial recognition tests and looks into international criminal and sanction lists.
In case of doubts on the funds’ origin more controls are done. We also have a supplementary control protocol for legal persons (businesses for example).
All of this is only one picture and a selfie for your contributors.

Fast results

KYC checks are done in a 5 minutes time window.
As soon as the checks are done all systems are updated so that your contributors can participate immediately.
You will receive a KYC certificate for every single member of your crowdsale as soon as it ends.

KYC on chain

We offer you a uniquely simple and rational system: KYC results are stored directly on the Blockchain.
Not only does this make transaction checks more efficient, it also allows you to interface your own smart-contract with ours.
It also makes our system a lot more resilient as validations are distributed.