Our Values

Technology made accessible

Blockchains, decentralization, cryptography and hashing algorithms, database systems, but also data privacy and regulations, treaties and geopolitics, tokenization, Internet of Things… There’s a new batch of buzzwords every week. These ideas above have often appeared in the media as life-changing or doom-bringing.
Creating efficient software is not enough to make this new world available to all. We also have to think about how to integrate it seamlessly in a very fast world, minding who we create them for.

Transparency and integrity

The idea of trust has suffered massive changes in a short time. Businesses and institutions alike are stepping into a new information and integrity era.
We strive to be an example both in terms of technical engineering and internal ways.
We prefer frankness to taking easy ways out.

Excellence and reliability

We work in exceptionally demanding and unforgiving environments. A single mistake can mean the end of
an operation or lock funds forever.
We have strict code review and systemic analysis processes. We’re quality and elegancy purists. Our depiction of excellence builds upon the simplicity, security and efficiency of our products.