Reliable solution

Persisting and strong infrastructure

The Blockchains are full of exceptional constraints and punishing challenges. As such we are used to evolve in a harsh and unforgiving environment.
We exploited every single resource available to make sure your crowdsale will not be interrupted. We audit and secure our code from the website to the smart-contract.

All in Europe

Our home continent is a pioneer on its citizen’s protection and data safety.
All our systems are based in Europe. From our company and teams to our servers to our partners, all the systems are based on the continent.
This way you offer the best protection available worldwide to your contributors.

We're here for you

We are fascinated by the Blockchain ecosystem and we know how important it is to support project holders.
Each project is different. Each has its challenges and risks.
We are always by your side and working with your advisors so that you can focus on your operation’s success.