Simplified experiences

For your contributors

We created an optimized pay flow so that your contributors reach the payment stage as fast as possible.
Our minimal friction process gets our users to your crowdsale’s participation page in a couple steps. Whatever their favorite payment system we either integrate it natively or use efficient exhanges in order for them to participate.

For your marketing

You will have access to powerful marketing tools.
Your crowdsale is first and foremost a commercial operation. It is crucial to grasp a strong understanding of your contributors’ identity and motives.
Our solutions such as the realtime dashboard or the crowdsale event management allow you to run technical marketing operations without hassle.

For your funds

We use Blockchain technologies to ensure your funds are secured and a smooth transaction flow.
Your contributors are anonymously identified on our smart-contract. The payments are done as fast as the distributed technology allows it.
You have a direct, secure access to your funds on your own Wallet.